Sunday, March 30, 2008

22 March 2008 AGT Caching in McKean County

We already had our AGT coin for McKean County, but wanted to find more of the remaining caches. The day started off great with a visit to the Kinzua Bridge. It still hurts to see the marvel lying on the gorge floor, but I am getting used to it. I just wish the state of Pennsylvania would decide to act and stabilize what remains. It they turned the remaining large portion into a walking platform, it would be an amazing attraction and would give visitors a real feel for when the whole bridge was there. While in the area, we grabbed a real outstanding cache just across the road from the park.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon chasing AGT caches. I was a really big fan of this trail and still like the idea, but now I'm wavering a bit. Many of the caches are just there. There's not a lot of wow in them. This afternoon, we were in Smethport, a town we don't visit often. We came for a cache at the fairground. We must have passed fifty caches on the way to the cache and another 20 Waymarks. In the end, the cache was less than 50 feet from the car.

We have been to outstanding caches in each county so far, but we have seen a few that were just another find. I think this is going to get real tough as we hit the counties we've barely cached, and I start whining over the caches we're passing. When you can't find them all, it's important to find the really nice ones.

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