Monday, March 24, 2008

18 March 2008 Caching near Salisbury

I was late out of the office so my caching plans altered. Going without a plan, I ended up at the park with this nice mill. Many of the local parks have weird hours. Rather than just sunrise/sunset. This one was 7pm. I visited this mill, grabbed the caches, and returned to the parking area just as the local parks employee drove through to lock the gates.

I finished my evening with a visit to the cemetery behind this nearly 150-year-old church. Three Revolutionary War veterans are buried here including Matthew Locke, a Brigadier General.

Who needs a plan?


Gaby said...

i've just had a quick look to your blog but i love your pictures. You manage to capture nature wonderfully

miatabug said...

Thanks! I am glad you enjoy them.