Sunday, November 09, 2008

1 November 2008 Another Day in the Metroparks

Ali really wanted to finish the annual caches in Cleveland Metroparks this fall. Usually these are night caches for us during the winter when days are short, but we cache very little at night anymore. It seems like a good plan. The couple days we've been out for these caches have been pleasant memorable days. GG made the trip west and south with us today. We started off in Rocky River with a well-done earthcache and a trip to the nature center for a few waymarks. We found a large group of puffballs in the woods. GG did the honors while I snapped a photo. After Rocky River, a stop of Whipps Ledges gave a few last nice fall colors.

It was a good day with a nice stop in the middle at the Elm Dairy for some homemade ice cream. Ironically we ended the day in Medina with three night caches. As we came off the trail we spotted two more cars in the parking lot with those unquestionable signs of fellow cachers. We missed saying hello to our friends Rex C and the Girls.

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