Sunday, November 02, 2008

27 October 2008 Caching in Elk

We drove to Elk to find a few more unfound AGT caches and a few others in the area. The day was bright and blue when we started and ended overcast. On our way to Elk, we both spotted a bald eagle in a tree along Route 6. I turned the geomobile around and we went back to watch this majestic bird until it moved on. We also had a long walk in a game lands for a couple pawinger caches. We were just beyond the final of a four-stage multi when Ali spotted a lot of cedar waxwings. They were feasting on the fruit of Hercule's Club. The photo posted on the AGT blog page has four of them. Before I cropped the photo, there were at least six in the photo. It was odd that there was Hercule's Club at many places along the trail, but the cedar waxwings were only at that area. I thought maybe they liked the hardwoods behind them for a quick retreat to safety. We also got to stop for an AGT cache at a sportsmen's club. While there we stopped for a few minutes to feed the trout. The bald eagle needs to find this place. ;-)

We ended our day with a stop at an ANF cross-country skiing area. I had hoped to waymark the location, but it was dark when we arrived and I couldn't coax one more flash from my weak camera batteries. One of the ANF caches was designed to be a night cache. We grabbed two others while we were out. It has been many months since we have night cached.

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