Sunday, November 16, 2008

8 November 2008 Lawn Bowling, Little Italy, and University Circle

Ali's lawn bowling club was closing down the club for the winter. Since we were in town, we stopped by and spent the morning working on the greens and putting away items for the winter. The club members are really nice people so it was a pleasant morning. After a short lunch, we headed off for a stop in Little Italy before caching. Our trip to Little Italy was to visit Corbo's for some great cookies. After Corbo's we made our way to University Circle for what was to be the first of a handful of caches. We were hunting a multi in the Case area when Ali tripped on a curb and fell. One broken finger later we decided to call it a day. She's doing better, but we were out of action the next day for a cemetery clean-up CITO.

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