Saturday, November 22, 2008

22 November 2008 English Muffins, Raspberry Jam, a Chicken Breast, Cheese, and Half an Onion

Someone's been here before me.

This week wasn't supposed to end this way. I drove separately to PA last weekend and left for New York on Monday. Two days in Canastota, days in Niagara Falls, and an evening back at our PA house would be my travel week. I hate driving in snow. I spent all week with open. Yesterday, I made my get-away a half hour earlier than usual. I was hoping to sneak south of the snow belt and get to our home. A funny thing happened on the way. There wasn't much snow anywhere. Still, we had tree damage from ice a few weeks ago, and I was tired so our house seemed like a great stopping point.

While I was in the grocery store in town getting items for dinner, the snow finally decided to arrive. I crept the company sport ute home and got it to our normal parking area. A few hours later, the snow had become a foot deep. Oh well, that's not too bad.

This morning a foot of snow had become 16" of snow. This was a little more serious. I decided that 4-wheel lo or not, I would shovel the steep curving area of our drive. I also warmed the truck. The truck moved back and went forward. All was well until I asked it to go backward again. It decided to scoot sideways. Hmmmm... that's a pretty steep incline with a three-feet stone wall at the bottom.

Two-hours later and a lot of anxious moments, our neighbor had saved the day. Another three hours to clear out the lower pull-off so I didn't need to try the hill again left me too tired to drive home. The snow's compacted a bit, but the tape measure says 18". I walked a bit of the property, but the snow is at least to my knees and in places to my waist. Without my snow shoes, it's tough going.

All this comes to the title of this post. We usually don't have much food in the fridge, and I was expecting to stay one night so there wasn't much in the bag when I left the grocery store. The title isn't all the food stuff in the house, but it's most of it. It will be a little mix and match this evening.

All-in-all it's been a strange day. I am not a homebody. I can't stand being in the same place, especially alone, for any length of time. I have now been at our house for 28 hours. I really can't remember not going somewhere for this long. I also really wish I were home with Ali. My new job is great and I really enjoy the challenges, but the time away from her is terrible. Losing a day together makes today joyless.

If you take away the snow in the driveway, the rest of the stuff is beautiful. It is that time of year when the snow appears to cast a blue hue on the photos. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will take me home.

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