Friday, November 13, 2009

19 September 2009 Revisiting Favorite Places

A view on the way to Mt. Davis

At 3213 feet Mt. Davis is a modest high point, but climbing the tower offers a nice view.

It will be hard to say this benchmark near the base of the tower was "recovered in good condition."

We were trying to locate the site of an old CCC camp not far from Mt. Davis. The road was not made for 2WD cars. We gave up with about a mile remaining. Maybe if we have the Subie on a later trip. The overlook was nice. It was one of those locations where the view didn't transfer to the image.

I'm amazed to find how many people like us have visited this place as part of their honeymoon. It is quite scenic although much better when there has been some rain.

This park is great since it gives you a lot of room to decide where you want to go. There are more steps and rails now than on our first visit, but you can still jump in the water or get really close to the falls. It's refreshing in our nanny state.

Swallow Falls September 2004

Swallow Falls September 2009

Cranesville Sub-Arctic Swamp

Sounds romantic, doesn't it? ;-) Not everyone visits the Cranesville Swamp whenever they stop by Swallow Falls, but they should. This is Nature Conservancy Property. It is also one of the first National Natural Landmarks receiving that designation in 1965. The history of the place is also interesting. In 1893 the swamp was actually logged. Amazingly a Climax locomotive was run into the swamp on floating rails. There rails are long gone, but traces of the path followed by the train can be identified. The swamp is in danger of leaving us. It has the sad distinction of being lisited by Frommers as one of the 500 places in the world to see before they go away. We always see something new. This visit, our new sightings were the orchid below and narrowleav gentian

Narrowleav gentian seen from the boardwalk

The graceful tamarack trees were not yet changing colors.

This old border crossing marks the West Virginia and Maryland border on the road leading to the Cranesville Swamp. The border marker will be 100 years old soon having been placed in 1910.

What's a perfect day without a peaceful sunset?

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