Tuesday, November 24, 2009

21 October 2009 Goldie's Last Ride (with me)

Four the past few months, Goldie has been my company car. She has been with me for over 6,000 miles. I usually don't remember names for company cars that I like. I remember the dogs. Wanda the Wicked White Whale was my company Cadillac sedan when I worked for BP. It seemed to believe that all cars are supposed to travel perpendicular to the road during snow. Stinky was with me earlier this year. It was a minivan that smelled and gave me a headache whenever I drove it. Goldie was different. She was loyal. She was big, but always gave 27 mpg. It was time for her to return to PA and for me to get a new vehicle.

Travel well Goldie...

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