Saturday, November 14, 2009

27 September 2009 Lake to Lake Trail

Great Blue on Lake Isaac

A tunnel on the trail

Fowles Marsh Boardwalk

Hickcox Park

Lake Abram Boardwalk

Cleveland Metroparks owns two kettle lakes, Lake Isaac and Lake Abram, in southwestern Cuyahoga County. They were able to work out permissions to build a bike/walk trail between the two. Walking the entire length is a strange variety since between the lakes the trail runs alongside a hospital, crosses one of the busier roads in the area, and passes alongside a cemetery in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. It works. It is quite pleasant and very popular. We enjoyed an afternoon here hunting for a multi placed by our friend Ron.

Hickcox 'Park' is really an old cemetery located in the middle of an urban sprawl shopping center. Among the cemetery's residents are the Hickcox family from Waterbury CT. They were early settlers in the Western Reserve. Years ago, their family plot was in the woods of the farmland that became this shopping plaza and movie theater. Since the good residents of the area would have been denied the opportunity to shop at these fine chain stores, the shopping center had to be built. If I were in this cemetery, I would have preferred for my remains to stay in the woods.

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