Tuesday, December 08, 2009

15 November 2009 Caching Venango with Liz and Wes

The first time we hiked Oil Creek State Park, the sound of a hit and miss engine filled the hollow where we were hiking. There was a lot more oil activity at the time. It left me with a curiosity to keep coming back and exploring this area which was at one time a huge boom area with denuded hills and oil wells everywhere. Today nature continues to reclaim the oil fields and the trees have returned to again provide hillside cover.

The McLintock Number 1 oil well in Oil City is the oldest producing well in the US. It has been in production since August 1861. There is a marker nearby that notes its existence; otherwise, it sits quietly behind a couple buildings.

Not all covered bridges are attractive. This one sits over a one-lane dirt road that was once a two-track railroad line. The bridge sits on the old railroad bridge girders.

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