Friday, December 25, 2009

20 December 2009 Chapman State Park

This is a serious sledding hill

The suspension bridge is really wobbly when crossed. Gwen hates bridges, but she made it across. Eva is usually fearless, but today she needed to be coaxed across the bridge.

We had not seen a vertical light like this during sunset before.

2010 will be the fourth year for a Geocaching Event as part of the Chapman State Park Winterfest. We have helped each year, but this year we own the event. The attendance keeps growing with about 150 cachers last year. Today we headed to the park to hunt for the locations where we were hiding event caches.

This park is really photogenic, especially in the fall and winter. Chapman Lake is nestled in a low area with the hills surrounding it on three sides. There are a number of nice trails in the area and a trail at the end of the park that takes one back to the Tanbark area of the ANF. We had a great time with a walk-around the lake. At the end of our journey, we were surprised to meet We3Jeepers in the parking lot. It's a small caching world.


Erika Jean said...

Hope it will be a little warmer for you event ;-) Beautiful pictures!

miatabug said...

Thanks for the nice comment. The locals actually love the cold weather, especially those that jump in the lake through the hole in the ice.