Monday, April 19, 2010

10 April 2010 A Brief Escape

For the first three months of 2010 my monthly step averages were:
January 9742
February 9714
March 10065

Before Friday morning my average for the month was 14164. I was on a roll. I was happy and finally getting out and getting some exercise. On Friday morning, the flu struck with a fever of 104 and a whopping 1409 steps for the day. By Saturday afternoon, I had cooled down to 103, and it was time for a walk. If I can't make a mile around Metzenbaum, I really have problems. A usual 10-15 minute walk took over an hour. Ali was super patient with me and let me rest, but it was great to be out. A few flowers, a little exercise and back to bed.

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