Friday, April 02, 2010

29 March 2010 Malleys

Our friend Rich was on his way to Shenandoah for vacation so we wanted to give him our books and maps to use on his trip. It sounded like a good reason for ice cream.

The ice cream parlor wasn't very busy this evening. Most of the customers were in the store looking for Easter candy. The line fluctuated from a handful to a dozen or so while we were there. No chocolates for me, but the ice cream was good as always (pineapple sundae with chocolate ice cream=yum) and the company was grand.

It seems like there is always a market for a really big bunny. Chocolate bunnies were my least popular at Easter when I was a kid and often went un-eaten. Let's face it, Peeps rock for Easter candy. Still, I am always fascinated with why big bunnies are popular. Billy Bunny is about 2 feet tall, hollow and weighs over two pounds. At $25 for an undecorated Billy Bunny and $30 for a decorated Billy Bunny I really wasn't sure who would go for Billy, but there was a popular table of them. I liked the two-packs of Billy Bunny in the pink bag. Were customers supposed to hope the pair would do what comes naturally with bunnies?

Chocolate covered Twinkies brought to you by the candy company that makes chocolate covered bacon. Their ice cream is much better than the chocolate offerings.

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