Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2 April 2010 Forest County

We hadn't planned to be in Forest County today. We were planning to be out finishing the first half of the Enchanted Mountain GeoTrail in Cattaraugus County. We were loading the gps's in the morning and realized that one of the two remaining EMGT caches was disabled. We missed the other remaining cache last fall when the cache owner disabled it for hunting season. Besides the wonderful counties we got to visit, one of the best things about the Allegheny Geotrail is that cachers weren't required to find ALL the caches to be eligible for a coin. The one that is disabled now doesn't appear to be going active before mid-May. We really enjoyed the EMGT last year, but there is a limit to how much tourism groups can be expected to make cachers spend before awarding coins. We're re-thinking doing the EMGT at all this year.

The EMGT's loss was our gain. We made a last minute decision to head to Forest County for some caching. It is a neighboring county that always seems to have unfound caches for us. Our major target was a friend's cache, Water Your Horse. Water Your Horse is friends' 5 terrain cache we never seem to drive out and find. There have been so many days when we could have and should have, but today we did. I'm sure there are many great days in any given year to find this gem, today seemed perfect to us.

Water Your Horse

It was quite a day for frogs

There is something quite calming about being in the woods alongside a stream.

We crossed the stream here.

This old viaduct was just before a long, gone bridge that crossed the stream.

It's hard to believe that this old, dirt road once carried car traffic. At least one car didn't make it across the bridge. It used to be light blue.

The pool in front of this riffle is quite large and very deep.

The latest in campground leisure furniture, the Adirockdack chair with matching table

Ali said the chair she is modeling actually was set-up to recline.

After our adventures at Water Your Horse, we made a few more finds in the ANF near Amsler Spring before making our way home.

This iron work was a flower on a large arch over a dirt road leading into the woods. There still appears to be a structure at the back. The arch seemed a real contrast to the surrounding forest.

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