Saturday, April 03, 2010

30 March 2010 Listening for Spring Peepers

It's springtime so it's once again time for Ali to amuse me as I search out the perfect peeper chorus. :-) The Rookery is always a good place to start. The peepers were strong and loud, but not as many as some years. Ali was also able to spot a muskrat before we continued on the trail. At the other wetland area we saw our first herons of the season near the rookery. During our walk back at sunset, Ali spied a beaver in the wetlands area. It looks like they are working on a new lodge.

After we returned to the parking area, we walked over to the shorter trail to listen for a woodcock. We were twice lucky with one on either side of the trail. We got to hear and see one take flight and spied another heron passing overhead before calling it an evening.

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