Saturday, October 02, 2010

12 August 2010 After the Rain

We had planned our site's company picnic this afternoon. There's a nice, quiet park in the city which we can have for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the rains arrived at just about the same time as the picnic. There was a brief break of dry in the middle, but once the rains returned, the team settled in for some cornhole under the protection of the shelter.

By the time we gave in to the weather, it was too late to drive back to the office so I decided to head north toward the lake and join Ali and our friend Rich for a few evening caches. On the way, I stopped at a small community park to grab a cache we just never seem to find. It's a nice park and was a good hide. If only I hadn't slipped on the mud on the way to the cache. Two fawns at the park seemed really interested in Geocaching, or maybe they were just looking at me and thinking "salt".

Most of the storms had passed south of the lake so by the time I joined Ali and Rich it was a perfect day to be at the lake. We made a few finds; stopped for ice cream; and made our way home.

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