Sunday, October 31, 2010

6 September 2010 Finish the EMGT

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Cattaraugus County Webmaster said...

Good Afternoon Miatabug,

My name is Jeremy from the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County. The Enchanted Mountains has recently created several exceptions for giving credit for caches for the EMGT. Cachers must still visit all 32 towns and attempt to find each towns cache BUT if the cache is deemed inaccessible or you spent enough time trying to locate it then we ask that a photo is taken in place of a cache keyword. Due to recent flooding, several caches were inaccessible and we are evaluating caches that have had recent complaints. We have new cache maintainers coming in to relocate caches in Allegany State Park.

There are also new caches being placed soon for the Amish Trail.

Thank you for your time,

Jeremy Knab