Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 September 2010 Fair Day

It was Geauga County Fair day and rough weather. It rained for most of the morning so we spent a long time at Rich's parents visiting. When the weather broke, we walked to a nearby cemetery with Dave (Me and Bucky) to make a find on a cache in the cemetery. It was an interesting cemetery find. Since Dave went to school in Burton, he made field trips to this cemetery to learn local history. He showed us the grave of a former Ohio Governor. We also saw this interesting stone inset from someone who was killed in France in 1916 during WWI.

This is the first marker we have seen for a Boy Scout. The young man passed at 15 in the 1930's.

Our friends' parents had this flying in front of their home. Do you think they knew we were going to be there? ;-)

Once the weather broke, we made our way to the fair. Yes they still have Walking Tacos. Dave was happy to make that his food stop for the afternoon.

The goats were a little active and we saw some butting. Ali found one or two that were just looking for some head scratches.

It was the Ohio Lightway Horse Pulling Championship. Unlike last year, a lot of teams had traveled to Geauga County to try to claim the title. We sat in the grandstand this year. I was a lot happier at arena level so we'll be standing next year for the pull. It was a super pull with a lot of teams passing 10,000 pounds which was great considering the mud from the rain.

Getting Ready

And They're Pulling!

After the lightweight pull, we went to play a few carny games. Tara and Johnnna tried their hand at the ring toss on the bottles, but were unsuccessful. After that we all wandered over to the main event at the SkeeBall game. I am not a big-time SkeeBall champion, but I knew I had a mission. After a game or two, I had won Ali a shimmering strand of plastic beads which I bestowed upon her. She took the mantle and quickly commented on what a hero I was for winning her beads. hehehe... Rich's friend Barb immediately got the idea and began to pout because Rich had failed in his mission to bring home the SkeeBall riches. Fortunately for Rich, I am not that good at SkeeBall and he was able to deliver under pressure. We had a great time.

SkeeBall through a kid's eyes.

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