Thursday, April 07, 2011

3 April 2011 Here, There, and Beyond

Last summer we walked a section of bridle trail in North Chagrin and reached a familiar area. We were across a wetlands from one of our favorite trails. At the time we both agreed that Here and There would make a fine two-stage multi. Today we walked both trails to get coordinates for the permit application. After we had the final coordinates, I started wandering up a small stream bed and thought this would be a great place for the final of the cache. Ali objected, but intense whining from me led to Here and There becoming Here, There, and Beyond. It should be a fun cache. There's multiple stream crossings, ducks, frogs, wildflowers, birds, and a few beavers to see. Just as long as everyone reads the cache page and doesn't try to go through the wetlands. :-0

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