Saturday, April 23, 2011

9 April 2011 Along the Shore

We drove to Sheldon Marsh to look for birds. It was a super day for sightings. There were ducks aplenty and some special birds. I missed getting images of many, but had a great time seeing them. After Sheldon Marsh we moved along to a couple of Erie County parks to see if the nesting eagles had returned (and find some caches). At the first park, we were happy to see the nest hadn't collapsed over the winter, but there were no eagles in the nest. We moved to the second park and cached our way to a small point. While we were at the point, we spotted the nesting pair in a tree along the shore at the park we had just left.

The squirrels are like greeters at Sheldon Marsh.

Blue-Winged Teals

Green-Winged Teals

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