Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 April 2011 Working in Wenatchee

I drove to Wenatchee in the morning and spent the afternoon at our facility. At the end of the day, flying, driving, and work had caught up so I hunted a few local caches and enjoy a quiet walk. The downtown image is taken very near a super soda fountain. After my walking was done, I stopped by for a very tasty chocolate malt.

The Columbia is very beautiful and powerful river. This was taken very near the center of town in Riverfront Park.

It seems like there are railroads everywhere in Wenatchee. The photo above and the photo below represent a bit of the past of railroading and the present. The Whitcomb switcher saw military service in North Africa during WWII. The Whitcomb rests at the entrance to Riverfront Park in front of the Wenatchee Riverfront Railway. The BNSF below was moving freight to the east as I walked over a pedestrian bridge near the hotel.

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