Tuesday, August 02, 2011

24 May 2011 Starting Home... Wenatchee to Seattle

The audit was over (and successful) and our fun in Washington was nearly finished. We had one ride back to Seattle to enjoy before heading east. I knew there was a cache in a state park near Cashmere and wanted to stop for the find. The park turned out to be the wonderful Peshastin Pinnacles State Park. We spent a while here just walking the trails and enjoying the wildflowers, the great formations and some great views.

Going Up

After our Peshastin hike, we made our way back to an old gold mining site. We had missed a find here near sunset on Sunday and were hoping to avenge the dnf. I wanted to explore the area. The mine entrance was open so I walked in a short way. The mine had a really low roof and my claustrophobia took over quickly.

I never noticed all the insects in the mine shaft until I looked at the pictures. I'm glad I turned around.

Wildflowers near the mine

Going up again

Another nice view

Our last big stop was a visit to Roslyn. Many people will no longer remember Roslyn as the town where the television show Northern Exposure was filmed. Northern Exposure was just something we did together. It came on the air just about the time we got married. It was a ritual to watch together and has stayed with us as a memory. If only for a brief time, walking around Roslyn turned back a clock that flips forward too fast.

Where's the moose?

Chukar Cherries... food of the gods.

A last amazing view on our journey

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