Sunday, August 07, 2011

30 May 2011 Tanbark Trail and Baker's Rocks

We started our day hoping to be able to spot some late painted trilliums in bloom. Okay, I was hoping to see a few while Ali was humoring me. We were too late for the painted trilliums, but got to enjoy a hike on a favorite section of the Tanbark Trail. Recent rain left the streams full and the waterfalls scenic so it was worth a climb down.

We were happy to spot orchids on the trail to Baker's Rocks. It is a very tough climb so the orchids were a nice payback even if these weren't in bloom yet.

The walk passes a large stand of chestnuts still fighting to survive. The rocks are a super formation and great fun to pass through. There are some nice chambers in the rock formations including a very large one with multiple rooms and a geocache. We were near Baker's to drop a few new hides which we did and moved on.

The Pittsfield Bridge will be history within a few days. PA seems intent to replace these old beauties with newer bridges. Since this one keeps getting hit with vehicles too tall to pass through, their decision seems wise. Still sad to see an old gem taken down...

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