Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 June 2011 A Day in Ashtabula

We were invited to a walk at a Grand River lowlands property owned and managed by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy. The land is home to a population of rattlesnakes and a medium-sized heron rookery. We were in luck and treated to a great show of adult herons and their young. We looked for, but didn't spot any of the native rattlesnakes.

I learned today this is a crawdad chimney hole. The trail was dotted with these today, but no crawdads were spotted.

At the end of our walk we were treated to a nice view of an osprey hunting in the nearby trees.

This old steel bridge is just down the road from the WRLC holding.

After the WRLC walk, we drove to a nearby parking area for the Ashtabula Greenway Trail and spent a large portion of the day walking the rail trail and caching. There were a few interesting sights along the way including this yellow spider quietly taking advantage of the camo provided by a daisy to wait for insects who happened along.

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