Sunday, February 26, 2012

11 February 2012 Tough Day to Cache

This was a big day for us in our quest of ten finds per day. We needed nine which sounded easy as long as the weather was okay. The winter has been so mild, we've gotten spoiled and weren't expecting today. We were headed to Summit County, We don't cache there often so the cache density is huge. The highway was a mess. If Ali hadn't driven, the day probably wouldn't have gotten done. At our first cache, I made a big goof and walked into a wetlands area that had iced over. It hadn't quite iced over enough to support me so I was wet and freezing before our first cache was found. We hung in and grabbed two at the same location. After that we were off for a cache by a nearby lake. I forgot the bit about snow messing with your depth perception. I had actually stepped off the retaining wall before I realized I was fifteen feet up with nothing below me. The landing was hard and painful (and would be for a few days). Still, we were three for three and on a roll. We missed a tough micro by a coffee shop but decided it was time to warm-up and enjoy our early success.

As the day on, the wet clothes and fall really took a toll. We made it to nine and found one to spare, but I was really in bad shape at the end.

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