Tuesday, February 07, 2012

21 January 2012 We Had Snow!

The day had arrived for the Winterfest Event and we had snow! There wasn't a lot, but there was enough for everyone attending the event to have a good time. We also relocated the event to a yurt this year so we had more room for people to visit and enjoy the day.

The late snow came too late to save the sled dog events. There was an open activity for showing your dog teams. The dog teams in attendance were much quieter than the hard driving competition teams, but they were fun to watch.

We had time during the quieter moments of the event to take a walk and say hi to friends on the trails.

The sled hills were busy with kids and adults enjoying the snow and the mild temperatures.

Despite the warnings for people to stay clear of the water and the unsafe ice, someone managed to fall through and give the local water rescue teams a chance to show their abilities. The ice hole can be seen in the middle of the image.

There was no sleigh this year, but the weather was perfect for a horse-drawn ride.

Mini-doughnuts have become an annual treat for us and many other visitors to the event. The cinnamon sugar ones are a perfect treat for a cold afternoon filled with lots of activities.

The ducks enjoyed the day too.

After the event and after everyone had gone home, we packed up and headed to the North Country Trail for a small hike. It was a perfect evening for a quiet walk together in the woods.

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