Monday, February 20, 2012

5 February 2012 West Branch

We had high hopes for this afternoon. There are three high terrain caches at West Branch State Park. They were our target for a long afternoon of hiking and caching. The first cache delivered with a couple of stream crossings and a final in a very pleasant point near the water's edge.

We were about halfway to the second cache when Ali started to look for her cell phone. It seemed like mission impossible, but it was her phone. We both thought the most likely spot to drop a phone was at the widest stream crossing where we both made a jump across. We headed back to our starting point and began to slowly walk the trail. Every 100 or so feet I would use my cell to call her cell. In the end we walked and called and walked some more. We finally gave up when my phone charge finally died.

Later when we arrived home and Ali called her cell with the land line, her phone happily chirped in the next room. ;-)

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