Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 April 2012 Long Ride Home

It's not much difference, distance-wise, between the drives home from Niagara Falls and Columbia City. For some reason, the Columbia City trek just seems longer. Maybe it is the years of driving to the Falls. The location and the journey have become second nature. I know just about every place to stop and rest or take a break. That's not the case when I am coming home from Indiana. There have also been so many trips this year without much satisfaction. The miles are really wearing. I stopped for a few caches on the way to break the journey. This was a rest stop cache. All that remained is the top half of a beach tube. Funny, despite that , a bunch of desperate cachers continue to log the top of a beach tube container as a find.

It is interesting to see the differences of approach to wind turbines in western Ohio and eastern Indiana. My travels around eastern Indiana took me past dozens of signs stating no turbines. In western Ohio, the turbines are common and plentiful. I wonder what the thoughts of eastern Indiana residents would be if they were faced with fracking and ruined water supplies instead of wind turbines...

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