Friday, June 08, 2012

5 April 2012 Grey Clouds

It seemed once I got near Ithaca, my trip turned into grey skies. This evening was no exception. After a couple caches and a great look at this turkey, it was time to call it an evening.

One of the strange, fun finds from my time in Cortland has been the Pontillo's Restaurant in town. When Ali and I first met, we were both engineers with BP. We traveled to the Niagara Falls area together for a number of business trips. Ali started the habit of staying in Lockport which at the time had a Pontillo's Pizza in town. I have great, fun memories of going to Pontillo's and getting pizza before retiring to a hotel room with a number of young engineers to enjoy the pizza and watch Mets games. I always remembered them for having huge pizzas which were impossible for one person to eat. Pontillo's now has a smaller pie called a Pontini. If I skip all the meals but a light breakfast and have a busy day at work, I can get an appetite large enough for a Pontini. I've traveled alone for work for over two decades, but it's nice to remember days when we were all young lions and the world was still waiting for us.

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MissJenn said...

I'd love to share a Pontillio's Pizza with you sometime ...