Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 April 2012 Cattaraugus and the Amish Geotrail

We spent multiple trips over two summers a few years ago completing the Enchanted Mountains Geotrail. While the trail took us to some outstanding spots in Cattaraugus County, it was a real time consumer and had some awful caches in super locations. The Cattaragus County tourist people appeared to really re-think the geotrail idea before releasing the Amish Geotrail. This version of the Cattaraugus trail was much lighter trail fare. The caches twelve feet up in a snag in a state forest or located on a floating bog are gone. They have been replaced with a lot of caches near tourist retail locations. There's a few cemetery locations and a nice spot by a quiet fishing hole mixed in. Most of the retail was closed as we made our pleasant journey through the county, but we had a fun day and another nice memory of caching in Cattaraugus. If your in the area, the trail is fun. If it's a new county for your caching map, the Zoar Valley area offers some super caching and hiking opportunites.

We've been in South Dayton a number of times, but knew nothing of the history of this old depot until today. This depot has the distinction of being in two movies, The Natural and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

This was our last cache of the day at a surprise roadside waterfall. It was not part of the Amish Geotrail, but was a nice find. We're glad someone placed a cache near here.

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