Friday, September 28, 2012

24 June 2012 Hunting for Orchids

Early on, Ali found orchids on a far section of the property. Their numbers change each year and it seems as though they bloom infrequently, but every year we trek to the back of the property for an adventure on the trails. After a stop for a few more mundane flowers we headed off. We found the orchids. They hadn't spiked this year. :-( We continued our walk around the property and were very surprised to find a second, new location where we had not seen orchids before. No spikes, but it doubled the spots on the property where there were plants. Maybe next year...

We never noticed this fungus before.

We know there is a bear on the property when we find large rocks flipped over or moved as we pass through the woods. The bears turn or move the stones as they forage.

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