Saturday, September 01, 2012

6 June 2012 York Lake

The day really starts poorly when you grab a can of soda from the hotel room fridge to take with you to the office and the top explodes. Nothing was spared including the bed spread, the carpet, and my clothes. In all these years of traveling, I've never trashed a room. Fortunately, the staff at the Country Inn in Cortland is quite friendly and was very understanding.

My day got better and was really productive. A co-worker suggested a visit to Dwyer Park at York Lake. A quick look told me there were caches there too. As I drove toward York Lake, the skies got really grey and were certain to let loose eventually. I stopped a few miles from York Lake to get an ice cream cone. The stand had a covered swing in back so I enjoyed the ice cream and the rain from the dry comfort of a swing.

I enjoyed the caches at the park. I really wanted to try the multi at the park. It was different than the usual hides. The first hide was straight-forward and took me to a container, but inside the container was a hand-drawn treasure map cachers needed to use to find the final. Sometimes the most fun caches are the ones never found. I was never able to find the "treasure" with the image I took of the map, but I had a great time walking around the park trying to figure out the map. Maybe I can return again on a different trip.

York Lake is a very attractive glacial Kettle Lake. The water looks crystal clear. It was the perfect place to spend an evening walking.

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