Tuesday, December 25, 2012

13 September 2012 Eisenhower Lock

We hoped to see ships on this vacation... lots of them. It was almost time to start home and no ships. We had an open day to do whatever we wanted and decided to return to the Eisenhower Lock to get the Seaway GeoTrail cache at the state park, stop at the visitor center and maybe spot a ship. The visitor center was closed so we moved on to the lock. Luck was on our side! Not only was the Algoma Spirit in the River, it was just moving into the lock. We played geeks and stayed for the whole process of bringing the ship into the lock, raising it in the lock, and getting it underway. It was great. After the lock we spent the day hunting caches near the water.

The bow of the Algoma Spirit rises in the lock.

I had no idea these were equipped with escape pods.

Clear of the lock and under way again.

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