Monday, December 10, 2012

2 September 2012 Biking and Caching in Tunnels

Ali with prime cache swag.

It was a long way back the the tunnel entrance from the cache site. Of course, since we are experienced cachers and prepare for all events, we brought one flashlight. It's more sporting to ride through long old railroad tunnels without any lights. ;-)

The very interesting pandora sphinx moth which turns into one very large moth. It appears to like virginia creeper.

After a day of biking and caching, I should have not bothered hunting the two caches above either end of the second tunnel entrance. I managed to double-up dnf's on both ends of the tunnel.

I don't remember visiting Strawberry Delight before. We were going to make a stop at Mongs, but they were closed already. Strawberry Delight was a nice way to end a long day of biking.

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