Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 October 2012 An Uneasy Start

After a night of patrol helicopters flying constantly overhead, I was hoping for a brighter day. For the first time, I saw the hotel go to alert. There were guards in the first floor hallways and guards were riding with each shuttle van leaving the hotel. I also got my first view of multiple private security vehicles roaming the parking lot of my hotel and the hotel next door. I was getting a ride to and from our facility with my staff member. He was stuck for over an hour in heavy traffic so I retreated back to the quiet of the gazebo and worked from there.

There were dozens of these yellow butterflies flying around the shrubs in front of the hotel. It seemed strange to be taking a picture of a butterfly as security teams drove around, but it occupied the last few minutes until my ride arrived.

By the time I went out to lunch with staff, the world had quieted again.

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