Friday, January 18, 2013

22 October 2012 Arizona!

Most of my travels for work are to interesting, but unexciting, places. Once in a while though a great chance comes along. This was one of them. I had never been to Arizona, and it is warm. With Ali set to join me at the end of the work week for a mini-vacation, what more could I desire?

The flight was on-time! The weather was amazing! I had the afternoon to myself and only needed to attend a reception in the early evening. Unlike my usual practices, I actually had my presentation materials ready to go. I checked the nearby caches and saw four within walking distance with the closest being a geocache at a nearby church. I checked in and changed into caching gear and was ready for adventure.

The old church was really attractive. The final stage was hidden in a peaceful memorial garden. After a quiet visit I was on my way to my second find of the day.

The moon is visible here really early in the fall.

The only disappointment of the week was the resort where the meeting was held. The grounds and scenery behind the resort were wonderful, but constant air conditioning 24/7 in the desert in October was just painful. I tried in vain to get some heat from my room hvac, but finally gave up and slept in a light jacket for the rest of my time at the resort. Between freezing everytime I stepped inside and little gator utility trucks blasting over speed bumps all night long, I was glad when it came time for Ali and me to head elsewhere.

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