Friday, January 04, 2013

29 September 2012 Staying Local

Sunday was a travel day for me on a trip to North Carolina so we stayed local. We had some cache maintenence to complete and wanted to find a few caches while enjoying the local colors.

We started in Gates Mills and enjoyed our time along the Chagrin River.

Fall colors at a local park

Our last stop was Geauga's Observatory Park. The new addition to Geauga Park's is an International Dark Sky Park. Our last visit to this park was a windy, snow covered afternoon. Today the colors were wonderful and the park was set up for evening viewing on a beautiful, if slightly cloudy, day. We had the dogs and skipped the after dark viewing, but we did enjoy the park. The lone path in the park starts at the observatory and makes an arc around a field which was ringed with trees today. The path has multiple educational stops along the way.

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