Saturday, January 05, 2013

4 October 2012 Geocaching in a New County

It was a long week with the auditor in North Carolina and shorter days have once again arrived so pictures were limited. For my journey back home, I took a detour to visit a new county, My stop in Lexington, North Carolina was short, but it seemed like a pleasant, small town. I only had time for a short visit to the square, but will return in the future if my journeys give me an opportunity.

As a nod to the barbecue heritage of the town, Lexington has a number of painted pigs around town. This party pig graces the sidewalk at the front of the courthouse.

I'm a geek so I as really happy to spot this old USGS benchmark in the town square near a CSA memorial. I was surprised to not see it in the Groundspeak database. I was unhappy to realize I missed the disk on the courthouse, but now have a reason to return.

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