Wednesday, January 01, 2014

31 August 2013 Last Weekend of Summer

This majestic tree was at the edge of a small rural cemetery where we stopped for a cache.

He looks so well behaved when he's just standing there.

It's a long way from Sparta, Pennsylvania to anywhere.

This field of goldenrod was across the road from the Sparta Fairgrounds. We stopped by to see if the fair was opening on the holiday weekend.

Ali spotted the highlight of the afternoon. I had just turned onto a quiet road headed to another cache when she exclaimed, "There's and eagle." I made a quick turn-around and returned to a small pull-off. I have no idea how she spotted this eagle, but it was quite a find. We were far enough away that I was able to take a few images before it moved on.

We both enjoy the simple pleasure of stopping for roadside corn. We have been lucky over the years to visit many farms with super corn for sale out front. It was late in the season and we usually have stopped buying by Labor Day weekend. This afternoon, we stopped for one last buy. It was very sweet making a great dinner for a couple of days and a great way to end the corn season.

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