Saturday, January 04, 2014

7 September 2013 Along the Lake

We wanted to walk the trails this afternoon so we headed to Geneva State Park. We hadn't planned on every Harley within 200 miles heading to Geneva-On-the-Lake. The traffic was awful. It was backed up for miles with no easy way to escape. It took us at least an hour to travel from the highway to the state park while listening to these stupidly loud motorcycles ignoring the traffic laws with behavior for which the rest of us would get tickets. The highlight of the traffic jam was spotting the dog on the Harley in front of us wearing home made doggles.

We reached the park and headed off for some walking and the caches. We soon realized the woods were not good insulation against the army of noisy Harleys. It was completely unpleasant. When we realized that the "small" caches were actually micros mismarked, it was time to move on.

We headed west to stop for a Lake County GeoTour cache at a park along the lake. The park included a pleasant flower garden with a small bench area. Gwen and Phineas were the models of good behavior getting their pictures taken with Ali. Little did I know I would need Phineas' photo for a poster within a couple weeks.

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