Saturday, January 04, 2014

10 September 2013 Drummond Island

I needed to attend a business meeting on Drummond Island. I had never been to the island so this was going to be a new adventure. It was a 10+ hour drive from home to the island, and we needed to be there for an evening of social activities so there was no time for caching on the way except looking for a few rest stop hides which seemed to bne missing.

We arrived with the ferry just out of dock so I had some time to explore Detour Michigan and the Detour Museum grounds while waiting for the ferry to return. The museum (and the rest of Detour were closed, but there were some interesting historical pieces (and a cache) related to the maritime history of the area.

The ferry was punctual, quick, and crowded. We still had a half-hour drive once we reached the island so exploring the island would have to wait.

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