Saturday, August 02, 2014

14 March 2014 River Ice

A snow storm cost me a day of the office with in Indiana. Effective snow removal is not part of road crews tool kit in the Fort Wayne and Columbia City area so I worked from the office on a day when over a foot of snow was falling. By today, I was just happy to close the trip and make a return home.

Some caches don't survive the winter. This cache was sitting in the open many feet from its posted coordinates with the container lid long gone. It was at the edge of a small hill and appeared to have been pushed by moving snow.

Caching was tough at this disc golf park. I missed a few finds while dragging across the deep snow.

The reason's first cone!

Ice chunks on the Maumee finally showed the end of winter was near. There was a shoreline hide at a small city park buried in the ice closest to the shore.

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