Thursday, August 07, 2014

18 March 2014 Phineas is Phound

By morning we were certain we had lost our silly beagle. Neither of us expected to find him, but as soon as daylight arrived we were on the trail. We also knew it had been very cold the evening before so he would be in bad shape when found. Once again we walked for miles and couldn't find the roaming beagle.

I needed to be in Cortland, New York for work so my chance to look was the morning. We had given up fearing the worst and returned to the house when we received word that a beagle had been found to the south. With hope we headed south. When we got to the place he was supposed to be we were over four miles from home. The man retrieved Phineas and there was no doubt he was our happy silly beagle. This kind stranger had found Phineas walking in the road at 2am and picked him up. He spotted the geocaching Log My Dog tag Phineas wears and found our account on Through the assistance of our friend and the Warren County Humane Society, our beagle was soon on his way home.

All was not roses for the little boy. He had frostbite on his nose, his lips, his pads, and his ... well you know....

With Phineas back home, I made my way to Cortland. Spring was in the air as I made a few cache finds on the way. I was happy the cache at the location below was not in the swamp where my gps was pointing.

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