Saturday, August 02, 2014

15 March 2014 A Quiet Ride East

At 65 acres, this isn't a dog park. It's a dog resort. Multiple off leash areas, agility courses, and trails through the woods are here to comfort the special dog.

The trail signs are at dog height. I'm sure Gwen could read it. ;-) Gwen and Phineas both enjoyed the trails and the visit and we enjoyed the finds.

Tamarack Lake used to be a serene stop on our journeys. Pennsylvania DCNR deemed the dam unsafe a few years ago and breached the dam during a low point to prevent catastrophic failure. With no funds available to replace the dam, the old lake bed sits dry. It's a sad sight to see. We stopped this afternoon for a walk along the old lake and a few caches. One bonus of our journey was Ali spotting an eagle along the old shoreline. Hopefully DCNR will be able to restore this quiet gem within the next few years.

Phineas phinds a cache at Tamarack

Our caching day included three puzzle finds including a stop at the scenic cemetery in Titusville. This nice sculpture was one of the stops on the journey around the historic cemetery.

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