Friday, August 15, 2014

22 March 2014 Spring in Allegeny State Park

I don't remember seeing Amish ice fishing before. I hadn't really noticed the hats when I took the image.

After seeing all the open water on this inlet, I am not sure I would have wanted to be ice fishing on the lake, but I am often shocked but what is considered safe ice by people fishing.

We did a lot less caching than we wanted today as a number of park roads were still barricaded for the winter, but it was a grand afternoon out.

The trail was either snow free or a slippery, icy mess. We enjoyed the good sections and were super cautious with the ice.

It was a happy day to have Phineas mended from his frostbite and back on the trail with us. He is really a great, happy dog. It has taken us awhile to adjust to the reality (and noise) of having a beagle with us. This is the first dog since we have been together where we have no chance for a mistake. One dropped leash or one broken piece of gear will give him a window to take off frantically chasing his nose. The closest we have ever come to this was our first dog Murray. After a couple years with us, Murray was bonded and part of the pack. We had a leash fail once in the woods. He stood and waited for me as I transferred the leash from our spaniel Becky to Murray. I know we'll never have that level of comfort with Phineas. I just hope he doesn't break our hearts.

Phineas gets really excited at the sight of his snowphlake coat.

Ready.... Set....


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