Monday, October 06, 2014

21 April 2014 Athens to Nashville

Without hunting for geocaches in the woods at rest areas, I would probably never see these super wildflowers.

I have been to Opryland before, but never really visited Nashville. I only had a short visit to the town, but was hoping to at least walk around and see a few sites. I was able to take an early evening walk to find a virtual cache at an overlook in Nashville.

There are multiple virtuals in Nashville. I was hoping to find them all while exploring the city. My quest ended about sunset when I found Fort Nashboro was closed for renovations. I would not be able to visit on Wednesday.

I am not a bar or country music person so the after sunset world of Nashville held no interest for me. I was going to make a stop in Printers Alley on my walk back to the hotel, but decided to take a probably wise pass on Nashville after dark. I felt even better about my decision when a colleague told me the following morning that his iPhone had been taken.

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