Sunday, October 19, 2014

3 May 2014 Spring Walks

We made a stop at SGL192 for a spring walk and a few geocaches. The trilliums and trout lilies were great. Phineas seemed to be enjoying himself.

He looks.

He bays.

What's with seeing all these vultures while we're on the trail? I know I was really sick this year, but it seems like they are following me.

Our stream was wonderful today. The spring wildflowers are arriving nicely with great looking cohash which deserved better than my pictures. We spotted more salamanders on our walk and a few spring birds.

Our home always yields a new wonder for us. During this afternoon's walk we spotted a ground next with turkey eggs. We've been here for years and never been privileged with this before. The nesting site will be something for us to watch over the next few weeks. Hopefully the turkeys will be successful.

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