Tuesday, October 21, 2014

8 May 2014 Unexpected Wildflowers

I spent my evening geocaching. One of my stops was a large cemetery in Fort Wayne. I've been to this cemetery before and always left unfound caches. This evening I was hoping to avenge a few dnf's and look for some caches I hadn't sought before. My first stop was a cache in the woods at the edge of the cemetery. I've never thought of Fort Wayne as a wildflower place, but the woods were filled with spring wildflowers including multiple types of trilliums. I found the wildflowers and found the cache before continuing my journey. My visit also included the second time I remember seeing someone sunbathing in a cemetery. Once with Ali, we visited a Pennsylvania cemetery which included a mildly creepy guy with his shirt off sunbathing. This evening there was a couple in swimming trunks and a bikini sunbathing on beach towels alongside the graves. It seems like a strange practice to me.

Jack in the pulpit

The bloodroot blossoms had died back, but there were an abundance of leaves.

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