Friday, October 17, 2014

30 April 2014 Antoine Peak Day 2

I decided to make another visit to Antoine Peak. This evening I drove to a different parking area to reach the trails from a lower elevation. This parking lot had a posting warning of cougars. They are a real risk in the Spokane area, but I hadn't seen postings outside Dishman Hills before this evening. I didn't think about taking a hiking stick (aka cougar stick), but I decided to grab a straight stick for walking before I was too far along the trail. This trail is a different vliew of Antoine Peak. There's still a lot of exposed rock and challenging terrain, but there is also a heavier growth of shrubs and cover. This trail offered some new wildflowers for me to view.

There were no cougar encounters an my walk. After leaving Antoine Peak, I stopped by St. Joseph's Cemetery. I had seen the structures at the back of the cemetery on the hillside, but never stopped for a closer look. The structures were built in the 1950's by a parish member. The structures appear to be no longer maintained, but the stone altar is still visible.

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