Friday, December 26, 2014

12 August 2014 Airstream Event

Groundspeak asked reviewers in specific regions to host events and distribute free Airstream trackable tags to attendees. We teamed up with our eastern Ohio co-reviewer Tom Bombadil to host an after-work event. I was able to work with Cleveland Metroparks so we could host an event with 125-150 people.

We placed a few caches with vacation themes. Before the event we took a walk to check the caches and spotted a very nice butterfly on ironweed.

The event went really well. Carly Martin who manages the Cleveland Metropark's geocaching program stopped by and co-hosted a question and answer session with me. We had ninety attended logs with much socializing

Besides a fun event, attendees were given an attractive, free trackable and Carly Martin of Cleveland Metroparks offered free silk screening with Cleveland Metroparks' geocaching pattern on garments.

I'm thinking the shirts could be finished well with the Geocaching trackable heat transfer.

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